Thursday, December 15, 2016

Five Things that Don't Suck, Wrapping Up for Christmas Edition

1. getting last-minute (well, last-minute for an online shop anyway) items out to happy people
2. making happy people even happier
3. the woman who wrote to let me know the tiny "Not Today, Patriarchy" tees I sent her were gifts for the flower girls at her wedding to her partner and they were both excited to see I was donating a portion of profits to Planned Parenthood*
4. pre-paid postage**
5. getting mail

*that note was a liberal artist's trifecta right there: marriage equality, indoctrinating young kids to believe in equality, and support for women's health
**it's like a dream, really, to just walk into the PO, go past the line, drop off packages, and say, "Thanks!" as you're walking back out again (Sorry, people in line)

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