Thursday, May 1, 2014

Big Poetry Giveaway 2014 Winners

Well, hi! This morning, I used a random number generator to pick three commenters as winners of the Big Poetry Giveaway. I've notified them all. Congratulations to Mary Jensen, Carol Berg, and Michelle! If for some reason you don't have a notice in your inbox, check your spam filters, then get in touch with me.

Just a word of how this all worked: I only counted the first comment a person made--so if you commented twice, I skipped all but your first post while making the count. I also skipped my own responses, for obvious reasons.

Thanks to everyone who participated--here's hoping that if you didn't win a book from me, you won one from another blogger.

Welcome to May!

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  1. Thank you for playing

    hope it has been fun for you as it has been for me


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